Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gallery Progress

After many, many delays due to weather and local government regulations, we are finally making decent progress on completing the studio and gallery remodel.  The windows installation is wrapping up this week and the stucco repair should soon follow. The kilns, equipment and glass are being moved over the next week+, so production is just around the corner.  The gallery grand opening is also starting to shape up and is looking like it will be the latter part of June (provided the Town of Ridgway does not throw up any more barriers to finishing the work). 

I have attached a number of pics of the WIPs and finished work in the studio.  I will also post the Grand Opening date as soon as it is set.  Enjoy....
Pulling the porch off for the new windows in the middle of a snow storm.
Repainting in spring.
Front porch with new floor and wall--it will be display area for the gallery.

The settee are in the gallery display. Still have the floor to refinish.
The kiln shed!
The floor and wiring are in--ready for the kilns.
Le salle de bain.
We kept the original kitchen cabinets and rebuilt the countertops. 

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