Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Production (Again!)

Now that the holiday season touring has ended, I am back to work.  One good thing about the show tour is you get exposed to alot of new ideas.  I am always careful not to duplicate another's work, but drawing and combining ideas to create something innovative and beautiful is what crafting is all about.

This first is a bevel mobile with an inner and outer diamond that rotates about an amethyst pendant jewel.  It can be placed as a 2-D piece in the window, or hung as a 3-D glass mobile near a light source.  I plan to make several of these using different stone pendants (rose quartz, citrine, flourite, etc...)

The second is a glass flower press with an amethyst jewel accent.  The flowers are red roses and lavender from my garden.  I finished ii in rope chain and copper patina and can also be hung flat or as a mobile.