Friday, January 27, 2012

Frit Painting (Second Fire)

Next major phase in building a frit painting.  I have applied the horizon line trees and the large oak tree in the mid-foreground.  Included is the swing and vines for the front flower beds.  This just went back into the kiln for fire #3 (the large trees were a separate fire).  I used fine frit (color) with a fine frit cap and some medium frit color in transparents and opals to add some early texture.  This will be a contour fuse at a 36 hour fire because of the changes in thickness of the glass.  Keep your fingers crossed that it comes out ok.  If all goes well, we move next to the foreground layer including all of the foliage, fence, garden, etc...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Constructing the Focal

The focal structure is now complete--3 days later!  Next up, build the trees and frit intermediary applications.  For all you family members out there, can you name the place yet?  Hint--my artwork comes from deeper memories within....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Building a Frit Painting

Phase 1:  Create your drawing and cut your glass to scale.  Choose your color palette and transfer it conceptually to your drawing.  Then sift fine frit in shaded colors to build your background "wash".  Add your background structures and then cover with a moderate layer of clear frit.   Fire to a full fuse (see above).  Next up--building the intermediate layer....stay tuned....

Friday, January 6, 2012

Moving on Up--Rebranding

My new year's resolution is to devote 100% of my efforts now to developing my own unique style of fused glass frit painting.  As part of this commitment, I am rebranding my business to Aspen Light Glass StudioPalisade Stained Glass Art has served me well in the past, but since I am moving away from stained glass and definitely far away from Palisade, it was time for a change.  Please visit my new website (still working on it) at if you follow my work.  Wish me luck!