Saturday, March 12, 2011

Memories of Briarcliff

I always try and keep the good memories about a place with me when I go.  I miss my three deer who would bed down in the zoysia grass under the oak grove, the majestic Texas oak tree with the swing in the front yard and my prolific clematis vines forever weaving through the horse fence along the drive.  I did this triptych to try and capture those images in glass. 

The piece was done through multiple firings, building layers of glass to create depth and dimension.  I assembled over 150 pieces for each of the three panels.  The base layer was create at a full fuse, including the tree, swing, fence and millefiori ground.  I then fired the vines to a tack fuse using stringers made from vitrigraph.  Finally, the flowers, made from cut glass, powder and stringers, were added to the vines and re-fused to a contour fuse to create the soft rounded edges. Here's to the celebration of spring!

This piece has been entered into the Glass Art Festival at Delphi Glass at  It also hangs in the Gallery 809 in Glenwood Springs, CO.

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Donald's Garden said...

Beautiful! You're stuff is just getting more and more amazing!